DCMS(Data center management system)

In Data Centers many servers and devices are being used for data storing and management, also many peripheral devices are working for making this data storage reliable and available. One down time may cost millions and takes down whole the business sometimes.

DCMS is our solution for measurement, monitoring and management of all the devices functionality and status in a Data center. DCMS mechanism will result integrity for management and monitoring of many security, safety, fire alarms, cameras, access controls, chillers, UPS and power units. Not only it may monitor and manage the whole environment and devices, it may alarm and take some actions instead of human functionality. Our solution has been implemented in enterprise networks such as aerospace, banks, campus LANs and military infrastructures. Top advantages of DCMS are:

1.      Fault management and monitoring
2.      Energy optimization
3.      Safety and security management
4.      Access control and authorization
5.      Incident prevention
6.      Human resource reduction
7.      Increasing Preventative maintenance characteristics
8.      Monitoring and management reports for critical decisions


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